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We can satisfy a wide variety of client needs from straightforward real estate transactions to complex undertakings that combine several areas of practice. Our Nanjing lawyer provide the appropriate mix of legal experience to address all facets of your situation. As a full-service Nanjing Law Firm, we have Nanjing divorce Lawyer, Nanjing employment lawyer (Nanjing labor lawyer), Nanjing litigation lawyer.

As one of the country’s Top 15 law firms as ranked by The National Law Journal, this Nanjing Law Firm and its affiliates provide a full range of legal and professional services for clients across Jiangsu as well as nationally and internationally. Our clients include Fortune 500 corporations, privately-held companies, emerging technology businesses, educational institutions, energy-related companies, financial institutions, health care providers, medical and life science companies, real estate developers, not-for-profit organizations, foundations, state and local governments and authorities, and individuals.

We work hard to get to know our clients, their businesses, their goals, their industries, and even their competitors. We keep pace with ever-changing laws and regulations and the impact to our clients. We know that in today’s economy, few organizations survive without a careful eye on the bottom line. We understand that efficiency in managing legal costs is an important part of that equation.


China Civil Procedure Law

On October 28, 2007, the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress passed amendments to China's Law of Civil Procedure, the first revision of the law since its adoption in 1991. As a China litigation lawyer, especially China civil litigation lawyer, I would say the change of this amendment is significant. Two of the key changes are to facilitate applications for a retrial and to increase the effectiveness of execution of judgments. In regard to the former, the number of circumstances in which a retrial should be held has been nearly tripled, to include, for example, situations where the substantive evidence for determination of the facts of the original judgment or order was false or not cross-examined, where there was a mistake of competency, or where there was a failure by a judge to recuse himself when there should have been a recusal. Moreover, the retrial application is to be made to the court at the next higher level; the option of submitting it to the original court has been eliminated, thereby "removing the possibility that the court may be reluctant to order a retrial."

Regarding execution of judgments, the revised Law newly prescribes that in cases where a person subject to execution of judgment has not fulfilled the obligations specified in the relevant legal document and there is the possibility of his concealing or transferring assets, the execution officer may immediately adopt compulsory execution measures. It further provides that such a person is to report his or her asset flow, current and for the year prior to the date of reception of an execution notification. Refusal to report or false reporting may result in a court-ordered fine or detention for that individual, his agent, or the person in charge or the directly responsible personnel of the unit concerned. The court may also adopt lawfully stipulated measures such as restricting the person from leaving the country or making information about the person's non-fulfillment of obligations public.


Lawbusters key word strategy, law blog alliance, and Antitrust law

When you search a key work like "Guangzhou lawyer" in google, the first result is When you click, you will find that page is almost nothing to do with "Guangzhou lawyer", except few words like "Browse for Guangzhou, China lawyers by choosing a city from the list below. Select from the resulting list of lawyers to view profile information and contact by telephone, fax or email."Actually, has almost all the key words like "China lawyer", "Guangzhou lawyer", "Beijing lawyer", "Shanghai lawyer" of every China cities, while they do not do business there, nor their website content has anything to do with that city. I don't know why they still can appear on the first of the list of the search results.

This is only a typical example case where big lawbusters monopoly the search results with google and other major search engines. These lawbusters use SEO techniques that not available to individual lawyers and small law firms. Those lawbusters take the advantage of their size and resource and make individual lawyer and small law firms disadvantageous in the competition.


A Single China Lawyer Represent Client in Both Trial and Apeal Court

A question that arises in appellate law practice is whether a trial lawyer should also handle the appeal of a case. This is a complicated issue that deserves more than the simplistic answer it is usually given, and really depends on both the appellate experience of the attorney as well as the specific situation involved in the case.

There are some situations where it is perfectly natural for trial counsel to press on with handling the appeal, especially if the trial lawyer is experienced in handling appellate cases. In other situations, the start of the appellate process is the time for trial counsel to step aside and let a different attorney look at the case from a new perspective. This is sometimes referred to as letting another lawyer look at the case “with a fresh set of eyes.”


China Attorney Client Relationship

The attorney client relationship is a formally recognized legal relationship that enjoys special protection under the law. An attorney, along with a doctor, spouse and priest, are one of the few people who cannot be obligated to testify or reveal information when that information would incriminate another. An attorney also has certain special obligations to a client, and an attorney's failure to fulfill those obligations can result in penalties including monetary fines, a malpractice verdict, and/or loss of the attorney's license to practice law.

When Is An Attorney/Client Relationship Formed

An attorney client relationship is formed when a client has reason to believe that the attorney is representing their legal interests. This "reason" can be express or implied. An attorney client relationship can obviously be formed when a client pays a retainer and/or signs a contract with an attorney that the attorney will represent them.

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