What’s the Best Way to Retrofit a Modern Infotainment System into a Classic Jaguar XJ?

March 22, 2024

The passion for driving and the love for classic cars, like the iconic Jaguar XJ, often go hand in hand. However, as we step further into the digital era, the desire to upgrade these classic vehicles with modern systems is becoming increasingly prevalent. One such upgrade is the retrofitting of a modern infotainment system. The following sections detail the best way to retrofit a modern infotainment system, specifically the ‘InControl Touch Pro’ from Land Rover, into a classic Jaguar XJ.

Why Opt for the InControl Touch Pro Infotainment System?

Before diving into the how-to’s, it’s important to understand why you should consider the InControl Touch Pro system for your classic Jaguar XJ. Developed by Land Rover, the InControl Touch Pro is a state-of-the-art infotainment system, designed to deliver superior connectivity, entertainment, and navigation solutions. Offering a range of features from 3D maps to Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility, this system aims to provide a seamless driving experience.

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The Touch Pro offers an intuitive interface on a high-resolution 10-inch touchscreen, providing easy access to a wide range of features. Its voice recognition software allows you to focus on the road without losing control of your vehicle’s essential functions. Moreover, the system also offers personalized profiles, ensuring each user gets a tailored in-car experience.

Understanding the Retrofitting Process: From Old to New

Retrofitting a modern infotainment system into a classic car is a challenging task that requires precision and a deep understanding of both old and new technologies. However, the process is not impossible and can breathe new life into your vintage vehicle.

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First, you need to remove the old system from your Jaguar XJ. This involves dismantling the dashboard and disconnecting the old radio or infotainment unit. Once this is done, you need to prepare for the installation of the new system.

During this preparation phase, it is crucial to take into account the physical dimensions of the new system, the InControl Touch Pro, and compare it with the existing space in your vehicle. Some minor alterations or fabrications may be necessary to ensure a perfect fit. Also, remember to plan for new wiring routes, as the Touch Pro system may require additional connections for its advanced features.

The Installation of the InControl Touch Pro System: A Step-by-Step Guide

Once you have prepared your vehicle for the new infotainment system, it’s time to proceed with the installation. The InControl Touch Pro System comes with a detailed manual that can guide you through the process, but here’s an overview of the steps involved:

  1. Install the main unit: Secure the Touch Pro system in the space prepared in your dashboard. Make sure it fits snugly and that the screen is clearly visible from the driver’s seat.
  2. Wire it up: Connect the system to your vehicle’s power source, and read the manual to understand where each cable connects. This is where you’ll need to route the new wires through your car.
  3. Connect the peripherals: Attach any additional devices, like cameras, microphones, or satellite radio antennas.
  4. Test the system: Once everything is connected, test the system to ensure it’s working correctly. Make sure the touchscreen responds accurately, the sound output is clear, and the system successfully connects to your mobile device through Android Auto or Apple CarPlay.

Remember, the retrofitting process can be complex, and if you’re not confident about handling the task yourself, seek professional help.

Upgrades and Software Updates: Keeping Your System Current

Just like any modern device, the InControl Touch Pro System requires regular software updates to ensure it’s running the latest features and functions. These updates optimize system performance, add new features, and fix potential bugs.

Updates can be done via Wi-Fi or using a USB stick. Jaguar Land Rover regularly releases software updates, so it’s important to keep a close eye on their website for any announcements.

To upgrade the system, you’ll need to download the update package to a USB stick and then plug it into the Touch Pro system. The system will automatically recognize the update package and guide you through the update process.

Please note that during the update, the system may reboot several times, so don’t worry if the screen goes blank temporarily. It’s simply part of the update process.

In conclusion, retrofitting your classic Jaguar XJ with a modern infotainment system, such as the InControl Touch Pro, is a challenging yet rewarding process. It’s a perfect blend of retaining the car’s original charm while integrating modern conveniences. However, it’s important to remember that it requires careful planning and execution, or the aid of professionals. Above all, it’s about enhancing your driving experience and ensuring that your classic Jaguar XJ is ready to roar into the future.

Integrating Additional Features: Remote App, Rear Camera, Connected Navigation

Adding a modern infotainment system like InControl Touch Pro to your Jaguar XJ not only enhances the driving experience but also offers a range of additional features. These include the Jaguar Land Rover Remote App, rear camera compatibility, and connected navigation.

The Remote App is a mobile application that allows you to control various functions of your vehicle remotely. You just need to create an InControl account to use the app. Once set-up, you can control the vehicle’s locks, check fuel level, and even find your Jaguar in a crowded parking lot using the app. The app also sends alerts for potential security issues, such as if the doors are unlocked or if the vehicle alarm goes off.

The infotainment system is also compatible with a rear camera. The camera feed can be accessed directly from the main screen, enhancing safety when reversing or parking.

Additionally, the connected navigation feature of the Touch Pro system is a significant upgrade. It provides real-time traffic data and suggests alternative routes when necessary, ensuring you always take the most optimal route. Regular map updates are available from Jaguar Land Rover, keeping the system current with changes to roads or points of interest.

Incorporating these additional features into your classic Jaguar XJ further modernizes your drive, providing an experience that marries the best of classic and modern automotive technology.

Conclusion: Classic Meets Modern in the Jaguar XJ

Retrofitting a classic Jaguar XJ with a modern infotainment system like the InControl Touch Pro is an excellent way to marry the past with the present. While the charm and grandeur of the classic Jaguar XJ remain, the introduction of the state-of-the-art infotainment system brings it to the 21st century.

This upgrade not only enhances the functionality of the vehicle but also improves the overall driving experience. From the seamless integration of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to the advanced features of the Remote App, rear camera, and connected navigation, the newly installed system offers an experience that rivals even the most advanced of today’s cars.

However, remember that the retrofitting process is a complex task. It requires a good understanding of the vehicle’s wiring and the new infotainment system. If you’re not confident, it’s always advisable to leave the task to professionals who have experience in such installations.

Also, keep in mind that like any modern device, the InControl Touch Pro system requires regular software updates to ensure optimal performance and to incorporate new features. Jaguar Land Rover regularly releases updates, so stay updated to enjoy an enhanced driving experience.

Upgrading to an InControl Touch Pro infotainment system is the perfect way to ensure your classic Jaguar XJ roars into the future, without losing its iconic past. The result is a truly unique vehicle that offers the best of both worlds – the timeless appeal of a classic Jaguar XJ, paired with the convenience, connectivity, and entertainment offered by the cutting-edge Touch Pro system.