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China Law Expert Witness Testimonial Service

As China lawyers of more than ten years of experience, we are China law experts and we extensively serve as China law expert witness in United States, British, Singapore, Japan and other courts or arbitration tribunals.

A China law expert witness, professional witness or judicial expert is a witness, who by virtue of education, training, skill, or experience, is believed to have expertise and specialised knowledge in a particular subject beyond that of the average person, sufficient that others may officially and legally rely upon the witness's specialized (scientific, technical or other) opinion about an evidence or fact issue within the scope of his expertise, referred to as the expert opinion, as an assistance to the fact-finder. Expert witnesses may also deliver expert evidence about facts from the domain of their expertise. At times, their testimony may be rebutted with a learned treatise, sometimes to the detriment of their reputations.

China lawyer As Expert Witness

Experts are qualified according to a number of factors, including but not limited to, the number of years they have practiced in their respective field, work experience related to the case, published works, certifications, licensing, training, education, awards, and peer recognition. They may be called as upon as consultants to a case and also used to give testimony at trial. Once listed as a witness for trial, the materials they rely upon in forming an opinion in the case is subject to discovery by the opposing parties. Expert testimony is subject to attack on cross-examination in the form of questioning designed to bring out any limitations in the witness's qualifications and experience, lack of witness's confidence in his opinions, lack of the preparation done, or unreliability of the expert's sources, tests, and methods, among other issues.

China law experts in a wide variety of backgrounds may testify, such as construction, forensics, gemstones, and many more areas. They are allowed to be compensated for their time and expenses in preparing for and giving testimony, as long as they are not being paid to perjure themselves.


China Trade Dispute Lawyer


A dispute with another company in another land can place special strains on your business. These disputes can be worsened by differences in the laws of different jurisdictions as well as customs and practices. Establishing healthy business relationships with overseas clients and business partners is vital in today’s global commerce. As China trade dispute lawyer, we also believe in developing close, professional relationships with our clients. We provide timely advice and legal support aimed at achieving our clients’ international business goals. Over many years, we have developed a strong network of international business and government contacts, attorneys, accountants, consultants and experts to assist your business overseas.

Our China trade dispute service includes:

  • Quality assurance and control
  • Delivery and payment terms
  • Trademark and intellectual property concerns
  • Partnership disputes
  • Supplier and Distributor disagreements
  • What law will be applied
  • Which forum will have jurisdiction to resolve the dispute
  • International Real Estate and Investments
  • International Contracts
  • Import/Export Arrangements and laws
  • International Shipping
  • Mineral Import/Export
  • Customs
  • Maritime Projects
  • Sea Wall Construction
  • International Development
  • Private Ports
  • Marinas
  • Compliance with U.S. Law and Agencies
  • Due Diligence

Our lawyers are ready to speak with you about the intricacies of international law and can address your concerns to enable you to succeed in your business involving international trade. The resolution of these disputes sometimes hinges on the application of international treaties. Our Law Firm understands that fast action is beneficial, especially if the goal is to salvage the benefits of a continuing business relationship.


China Trial Lawyer


We are China trial attorney. A great trial lawyer is expected to win, and  the pressure to win honorably only increases as time passes and experience grows.  Thus, great trial lawyers do not rest on past successes but remember and duplicate the habits and discipline that got them to great trial lawyer status in the first place.  And, regardless of the outcome of the case, great China trial lawyers analyze the trial and the preparation for it with a critical eye toward self-improvement.

What is civil trial advocacy? First, civil trial advocacy may include civil litigation, personal injury litigation, and any other type of litigation that is not criminal in nature, such as property disputes, construction or insurance claims and a wide array of other civil controversies. Second, usually money damages are at stake in civil litigation. Despite what is seen on television dramas, cases do not always have to go to trial. However, it is impossible to know in advance which cases will settle and which will go to trial, and because settlement amounts reflect predictions about the most likely result if the case is tried, it is wise for people to hire well qualified trial attorneys to handle their claims or defense of claims whether they think the case will be tried or settled out of court. It is important to understand.

Trial attorneys must have knowledge,experience, great communications skills and a thorough understanding of group decision making dynamics and persuasion. In trial practice a misstep can end a case, so having a trial attorney who is making his trial debut may be dangerous, especially in a case involving substantial damages.  A good trial lawyer is always thinking several steps ahead. The "what if's" of the case must be mapped out long before the trial begins. Great trial lawyers are ready for surprises and will be well prepared, down to the last detail.


China Litigation Lawyer and China Litigation

A litigation attorney is most simply an attorney who specializes in litigation. We are China litigation lawyers.  Litigation is basically just a fancy legal term for the practice of carrying a lawsuit through the court process. While some attorneys prefer to handle settlements and some lawyers practice criminal law, for the most part, litigation attorneys focus exclusively on lawsuits. After all, lawsuits are what litigation is all about.

The Different Types Of Litigation Practices Are Practically Unlimited.

Litigators help settle arguments between businesses and can even help clients decide how best to form a business partnership. Litigators can even help settle property disputes or other issues dealing with real estate laws. Most of the time, clients can hire litigation law firms for legal check ups to nip problems in the bud. Just as the different types of injuries, remedies, and legal issues cover an immensely endless variety of situations, the same goes for litigation - the different kinds of legal cases where litigation is practiced are practically unlimited. While one litigation attorney might focus on one specialty or niche type of litigation, other litigation attorneys will practice more generalized litigation, covering all kinds of lawsuits.

Litigation Attorneys Usually Cover Personal Injury Cases.

Because major personal or toxic injury cases, such as those involving benzene exposure or other workplace hazards, are so incredibly complex, a litigation attorney or even a team of litigation attorneys usually cover such large lawsuits. A general practice attorney, like the one you might turn to in order to update a will or fight a traffic ticket, just doesn't have the experience or level of specialization needed when it comes to major lawsuits like an expert litigation attorney will. Practicing law is not a one size fits all endeavor - there are simply different attorneys for different situations.

Litigation attorneys who work for litigation law firms have years of experience filing court papers and motions necessary to get the ball rolling on any litigation matter.

Litigation Is Often Very Detail Oriented.

It's not unusual for a litigation attorney to file suit against dozens of companies or parties just as a part of one single legal case. Litigation is often extremely detail oriented. Because of this, it's normal for litigation attorneys to have a team of co-attorneys and many qualified non-attorney staff members too, especially when trying a large scale lawsuit. Because of the sheer complexity and expense involved, this type of litigation is most often reserved for only the biggest legal cases. It's not unusual for the smaller legal cases to be settled out of court.

Litigation Takes A Long Period Of Time.

Very rarely does the litigation process go quickly. It's not that litigation attorneys don't want to expedite the process as much as possible - it's just that there are an unbelievable number of details and legal procedures that have to be followed in any type of litigation. Court systems and their rules also introduce their own level of bureaucracy that only extends the amount of time needed for litigation attorneys to cover all the bases necessary.

Again, litigation is a very complicated process. While it might sound simple to simply carry a lawsuit through the court process, every experienced litigation attorney knows that this is just not the case at all. Since the laws governing each practice area are so complex for the regular person to grasp, a litigation law firm can help you file your case and bring it to a satisfactory conclusion.


Tianjin Lawyer


ianjin Lawyer covers all aspects of commercial litigation that may arise. The Commercial Dispute Resolution Team is qualified to represent clients in all courts and tribunals in China. Common areas of practice in which the Commercial Dispute Resolution Team is involved in are:

  • Contract disputes
  • Building disputes
  • Defamation
  • Trade Practices Act and Competition Law
  • Contentious probate matters
  • Debt recovery
  • Defacto property disputes
  • Partnership disputes

Tianjin Lawyer have expertise and experience in commercial litigation. Our aim is to identify the critical issues at an early stage of disputes and where possible avoid the potential of litigation and/or conflict between the parties.

The main concern of Tianjin Lawyer is the "objectives" of the clients that are represented and prior to any commercial litigation action, Tianjin Lawyer undertakes an identification process of commercial objectives and the development of a clear plan to manage and minimise the dispute between the parties.

Examination of legal issues between parties is only one aspect of the advice that is given by Tianjin Lawyer. We are conscious of the commercial and economic implications of those issues upon clients and incorporate these aspects when giving advice to clients.

Tianjin Lawyer currently provide advice in relation to:

  • Advocacy
  • Insolvency and reconstruction
  • Liquidation and bankruptcy
  • Product liability
  • Trade practices and competition
  • Advertising and marketing
  • Compliance
  • Property and trust
  • Intellectual property
  • Defamation
  • Tax
  • Corporation
  • Insurance
  • Fraud
  • Property
  • Product Law Liability - Advising on issues relating to consumer food manufacturing, retail, financial, medical, pharmaceutical and transport sectors.

We have Tianjin Litigation lawyer, Tianjin divorce lawyer, Tianjin employment lawyer, Tianjin intellectual property lawyer, Tianjin labor lawyer, Tianjin arbitration lawyer.

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