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Shenzhen, China Lawyer Cannot Post Bus Bench Ads


In some areas, city governments and media companies sell space on bus stop benches to commercial advertisers. Using such space is fairly easy; however, you must decide whether the medium will be beneficial to your type of business. While bus bench advertisements are very creative and more affordable than many other mediums, they aren't a good fit for everyone.

The Shenzhen Bar Association first caught the attention of local lawyers this month with an advertisement on a bus bench near the Shenzhen Shekou District Courthouse and also Luohu lawyer's office that exclaimed "Prefer a Shenzhen lawyer!" and offered the business' phone number.

Whenever an attorney comes to me with a question about where to spend his marketing dollars somehow three forms of media that I absolutely despise almost always enter into the discussion.  These three forms of media are: Billboards, Buses and Benches.

Why do I hate these forms of media so much, especially Bus Bench? Below is my argument being a Shenzhen lawyer myself.

Their effectiveness is questionable.  Let’s say you are a criminal lawyer and you plaster your face on the side of a bus.  What are the odds someone who is charged with a crime or is the subject of an investigation will have a pen and paper in his hand right at the time the bus with your face passes by?  How about the odds of this person picking up his cell phone and calling you, from the street, to discuss his robbery charge?

This is true for all three of these forms of media.  They are expensive and their effectiveness is questionable.

You cannot track the results.  With all three of these forms of media you could use a special phone number dedicated just for that advertisement.  This would allow you to track how much business was coming from each bench, billboard or bus.  The problem is that just the tracking alone is expensive.  Forget about the fact that there is no way to measure how many people will actually look at, and read your ads.

Bus Bench ads make you look desperate.  I do not care how you try to spin it.  Plastering your face on the side of a bus or on a billboard looks desperate.  It degrades the legal profession and it degrades you.  There are plenty of alternatives to these three forms of media.  I highly recommend you look into them.

Below is an argument up bus bench lawyer in China:

Bus bench lawyer NEEDED!

"But, most people don't have a lawyer, or have access to a lawyer. When they're seriously injured or in serious trouble, they need to know where they can turn for help."

Advertising on buses, benches and billboards is the worst of the worst when it comes to attorney marketing.

Now that I am watching "Breaking Bad" to its end. Fans of the cable television crime drama's bus bench lawyer Saul Goodman can look forward to the character's spinoff show.

As a Shenzhen, China lawyer I find Saul's antics amusing -- and largely outside the realm of reality. Though I agree that when watching TV and movie depictions of lawyers, a sense of humor and a thick skin is required. While Saul's ads are treated with humor, it wouldn't be possible to run such commercials in China without risking some serious consequences. You have to be truthful, and you can't boast.

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