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China Lawyer and China Judge Relationship


I ran into one of the retired judges at the post office.   I didn't recognize him at first without his robe on.   He recognized me.  I was wearing a suit.   A couple years ago, I had a hearing for a temporary visitation schedule in front of him.   My client reacted ... badly to the ruling.   Very very badly.   Yelling, screaming carrying on, the whole works.   He almost held her in contempt.

Today he asked me whatever happened in that case.   I told him I got out shortly after the hearing because it was clearly beyond my expertise.   He said he understood that.   He felt for her, but he just couldn't let that go on  in the courtroom.   I told  him I understood that.   I confided I was afraid he would hold me in contempt for how she was acting (not that I wasn't trying to shut her up, but short of duct taping her mouth nothing was going to work).   He said not to worry, judges get it.   When clients act out, the judges understand it is not the attorney's fault.   I appreciated hearing that, but I seldom has such opportunity to feel like this, as most judges sniff at lawyers and our clients as well.   Not that I won't try to make sure my client's behave in court, but nice to know judges get that some things are out of our hands.

Actually, there is some laws in China regulating China judge and China lawyer relationships.  There is law that requires the country's lawyers to consciously obey the rules for establishment of a justifiable relationship between judges and lawyers. The law also welcomed supervision from society, and demanded lawyer associations nationwide to carefully deal with all cases reported by the general public on lawyer's improper conduct with judges.

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