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China Trade Dispute Lawyer


A dispute with another company in another land can place special strains on your business. These disputes can be worsened by differences in the laws of different jurisdictions as well as customs and practices. Establishing healthy business relationships with overseas clients and business partners is vital in today’s global commerce. As China trade dispute lawyer, we also believe in developing close, professional relationships with our clients. We provide timely advice and legal support aimed at achieving our clients’ international business goals. Over many years, we have developed a strong network of international business and government contacts, attorneys, accountants, consultants and experts to assist your business overseas.

Our China trade dispute service includes:

  • Quality assurance and control
  • Delivery and payment terms
  • Trademark and intellectual property concerns
  • Partnership disputes
  • Supplier and Distributor disagreements
  • What law will be applied
  • Which forum will have jurisdiction to resolve the dispute
  • International Real Estate and Investments
  • International Contracts
  • Import/Export Arrangements and laws
  • International Shipping
  • Mineral Import/Export
  • Customs
  • Maritime Projects
  • Sea Wall Construction
  • International Development
  • Private Ports
  • Marinas
  • Compliance with U.S. Law and Agencies
  • Due Diligence

Our lawyers are ready to speak with you about the intricacies of international law and can address your concerns to enable you to succeed in your business involving international trade. The resolution of these disputes sometimes hinges on the application of international treaties. Our Law Firm understands that fast action is beneficial, especially if the goal is to salvage the benefits of a continuing business relationship.

Our Clients

Our Law Firm has assisted clients across the globe, especially in Europe, Asia, Canada and South America who doing business with China.

Perhaps you are already working with a company overseas but have hit a snag in your business relationship. Our experience in working with clients on international matters has shown that business conflicts abroad generally mirror domestic business conflicts. Yet we work to understand the nuances of working in a particular country to ensure that our legal service specifically addresses the problems you encounter. Handling matters ranging from nonpayment to product quality and performance, China trade dispute lawyer is a firm that possesses the essential qualities of diplomacy, accuracy and insight.

Through many years of experience in international business, arbitration and litigation, we have learned that the outcome of international disputes is often determined by a well-drafted dispute resolution provision in the business contract, or by early decisive action in arbitration or litigation. Particularly in international matters, disputes are often avoided or resolved if you act rather than react. We guide you from the initial contract drafting (Do you choose arbitration or litigation? Which nation’s law applies? In what nations’ courts can an action be brought?) through the prosecution/defense and resolution of your dispute through negotiation, arbitration or litigation. We know the courts and arbitral tribunals best applicable to your matter, be they in North Carolina, New York City, Mexico City, Stockholm, London, or Hong Kong. Our worldwide contacts include lawyers, experts, translators, process servers and consultants. Let us help you manage and resolve your existing international trade matter or dispute, or draft tailored contract provisions to provide you efficient and effective resolution of any dispute that may arise.

Important to our international practice is our continuing experience with international contracts, trade and disputes. We stay abreast of the changing international business and legal climates.

Trade and Customs

Is a China Customs ruling increasing the cost of your products? Were products wrongfully seized or impounded? What is required to export your product? We can answer your questions and help solve your problems.

We have long-standing relationships with freight forwarders, insurers, shipping lines, customs brokers, vessel surveyors, and Port officials. We know the government agencies and business players in international trade. Let us put our experience to work for your business.

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