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China Law Firm's Principles and Directives

This china law firm exists to help clients in immigration, probate, real estate and business law matters, as well as other areas, to the fullest extent possible and practicable.

This china law firm would not exist but for its clients – thus, responsiveness to clients and effective advocacy on behalf of  clients are the firm's primary goals.

The focus of our firm is on helping clients solve disputes, not on maximizing profitability or "win/loss" records. Thus, in many instances, we will help clients on matters which most other firms may turn away based solely on financial considerations, or based upon preservation of egotistical "win/loss" records.

We take it upon ourselves to stay abreast of current legal trends and developments, in order to best advance a client's cause.

Recognizing that many of the firm's clients find themselves in distressing situations, we believe in providing clients with a supportive environment to the fullest extent possible.


How do our China lawyer make a difference?

At this china law firm, our China lawyer provide our clients with practical real-world solutions – focused on preserving clients’ assets and rights while achieving their business and personal goals. We serve our foreign clients as China law advisor

Our core values – trust, teamwork and dependability – are not empty words. These words are at the heart of who we are and how we interact with our clients and colleagues.

• We believe in providing each client with personal, senior-level attention and cost-effective service. We accomplish this by maintaining a moderate size and strict client-service standards.
• We believe in efficiency without sacrificing results. We accomplish this through the cost-effective allocation of our people and resources.
• We serve our clients as both business consultants and advisors. We are deal makers (not deal-breakers) – focused on realizing outcomes that achieve our client’s business ambitions and their personal goals.
• We believe in an entrepreneurial and efficient approach to doing business. We run our own firm in an entrepreneurial fashion and use our vast collective experience to help our clients run theirs similarly.


What Our China Lawyer Can Offer To Help You

An accident in the work place, trauma from a serious motor vehicle accident, injury caused by a defective product, complications from a medical procedure.... these can all have a devastating impact on your life and you need a China lawyer to help you. We are a leading law firm in China and we have Shanghai lawyer, Beijing lawyer, Guangzhou lawyer, Tianjin lawyer, Chongqing lawyer, Shenyang lawyer, Qingdao lawyer, Wuhan lawyer and Hangzhou lawyer.

They can cause turmoil, uncertainty, and confusion. However, you can take comfort in the fact that the law allows compensation for damages in many of these situations. Through the work of dedicated, experienced legal counsel, fair compensation can be secured, providing monetary relief during a difficult time. But, what legal counsel should you retain? Serious problems call for serious solutions. A call to our China lawyer may provide the solution you need.

If you needed brain surgery you would go to a brain surgeon, not a family doctor. By the same token, when you have a legal problem, you should be sure that you have an attorney that is experienced in the right field of law. Some lawyers and firms will handle just about any kind of case in order to generate a fee. They may have a "general" law practice, much the same as family doctor may have a "general" medical practice. Certainly, some of those lawyers can do a fine job in many areas of law. But often, their experience in specific areas of law may be limited. When that happens, your case may be compromised, or even jeopardized. At this china law firm we concentrate our practice to limited areas of law. Within those areas we feel confident that we can help you with even the most complicated case. If we cannot handle your case, we will try to refer you to someone who can.

Even worse at times, some firms will represent insurance companies and other business interests in defending personal injury claims, and yet still accept individual injury cases from the claimant or plaintiff's side. It is difficult to serve two masters. At this china law firm our loyalties are undivided. We NEVER represent insurance companies, manufacturers of dangerous products, nor big business interests. We only represent people, just like you.

Our firm is comprised of well-regarded and award-winning attorneys. The staff is battle tested, tried and true, with literally hundreds of years of experience amongst them. While one attorney, and that attorney's staff, is assigned primary responsibility for your case, you have access to all of our attorneys and staff. As they say, two heads are better than one!

We concentrate in all areas of injury law, including accident cases, wrongful death cases, medical malpractice cases, nursing home cases, faulty product cases and pharmaceutical malpractice cases. You can learn more about the areas of law that we handle by reviewing the practice areas listed in the menu area to the left and other highlighted areas throughout this website.

This China law firm handles cases from across the country, associating with local counsel when necessary to get the best result for our clients. We handle cases of almost any size, from small claims to complex, catastrophic injury cases. We are also proud to say that annually we spend thousands of dollars on continuing education so that our attorneys and staff are well acquainted with the latest applications of the law.


China Lawyer's Value

Questions such as these may come to mind when seeking the legal service of a China lawyer or china law firm. A business, an individual, a neighborhood or a family: most everyone needs a lawyer at some point during their lives to assist them during a crisis or conflict. Certain shared values are commonly expected of legal professionals. A lawyer must, first and foremost, put the interests of their clients above all others and press to achieve the outcome the client expects. No amount of money or credentials can ensure a lawyer will do what it takes for a client. Only one thing stands the test of all scrutiny: reputation.

We know our reputation speaks for itself. Every lawyer we employ is known for excellence, experience, and a tireless determination to serve the needs of our clients. Our clients refer friends and family, not only because we give them the help they need, but because they know our lawyers and attorneys are honest people they can trust.

Lawyers across the country create their own definition for the word "lawyer" and cast the word in both a positive and negative light. Practicing attorneys and law firms meet many forks in the road when balancing costs and service. When a test is needed to ensure a positive outcome in a medical malpractice or accident case, will your law firm go the extra mile? Will they put in the extra hours necessary to ensure your insurance company covers the medical costs that are disrupting your life? Judgments, however likely they will be favorable, are never certain. Investing time and resources into a case which might not settle in a client's favor is what marks the difference between a lawyer pursuing greed and a professional attorney sacrificing everything to win a case.

The terms "lawyer" and "attorney" take on differing definitions in both culture and practice. Our China lawyer might see in a movie on cable television most always employs a "lawyer." Large-scale, corporate legal professionals take the same connotation when bearing down on a small, helpless client, as the dirty teams of "lawyers" go to work. Yet, a police officer reading a criminal his rights will advise the perpetrator of his right to an "attorney." In both marketing practice and professional speech, "attorney" is more often used as a term of both status and prestige compared to "lawyer."

No matter how you refer to the professionals we employ, we know the lawyers and attorneys of our china law firm will give you the attention you deserve. Our values stand firm and our reputation is strong. If you need us, we would be honored to help.


China Construction Contract Lawyer

The information in this document is designed to provide an outline that you can follow when formulating business or personal plans.  Due to the variances by many local, city, county and state laws, we recommend that you seek professional legal counseling before entering into any contract or agreement.. MODIFICATION. The parties hereby agree that this document contains the entire agreement


This agreement made this _(1)_ day of ____(2)__________, 19__(3)_, by and between ________(4)___________, of _______(5)____________, herein referred to as "owner", and
__________(6)__________, of _________(7)__________, herein referred to as "contractor". 

Owner and contractor in consideration of the mutual covenants hereinafter set forth agree as follows: 



Contractor shall furnish all labor and materials necessary to construct a ____(8)______, upon the following described property, which owner warrants he owns, free and clear of liens and
encumbrances: ________(9)___________. 




China Collection Demand Letter

This letter is provided by our China litigation lawyer. Please contact our China litigation attorney or China contract attorney for the more detailed version of collection demand letter used in China.






Attention: ______(5)_______ 

As of the date of this letter, your payment which, under the terms of a promissory note you entered into, was due on ______(6)______, has not been received and is now past due. 
If you have already forwarded your payment, please disregard this letter; otherwise, please forward your payment immediately in order to avoid default under the promissory note dated _______(7)______.




The information in this document is designed to provide an outline that you can follow when formulating business or personal plans.  Due to the variances of many local, city, county and state laws, we recommend that you seek professional legal counseling before entering into any contract or agreement


China Affidavit Sample

This affidavit is drafted by our China litigation lawyer. You are advised by our China lawyer to retain our service to draft this document specially tailored for you according to China litigation law and rules.


Province OF ______(1)_______) 
COUNTY OF ____(2)________)


That on this _(3)__ day of ______(4)_________, 19_(5)_, personally came and appeared before me ______(6)__________, of __________(7)_______________, known, and known to me, who after being first duly sworn, deposes and says: 

(Insert Sworn Statement)



SUBSCRIBED TO AND SWORN TO before me this ___(9) day of____(10)____________, 19_(11)_. 


My Commission Expires __(13)__


The information in this document is designed to provide an outline that you can follow when formulating business or personal plans.  Due to the variances of many local, city, county and state laws, we recommend that you seek professional legal counseling before entering into any contract or agreement.


China Employment Contract, China labor Agreement Sample

This following China employment agreement is drafted by our China employment lawyer. China labor law has its special characteristics. You are welcome to contact our China labor lawyer for more information about China labor law (we also called it China employment law).


This Agreement made and entered into this __(1)__ day of _________(2)_________, 19__(3)_, by and between ______(4)_______, of ________(5)__________, hereinafter referred to as "employer", and ______(6)___________, of _________(7)____________, hereinafter referred to as "employee". 

The parties recite that: 

A.   Employer is engaged in _________(8)___________ and maintains business premises at _________(9)_____________. 

B.   Employee is willing to be employed by employer, and employer is willing to employ employee, on the terms and conditions hereinafter set forth. 

For the reasons set forth above, and in consideration of the mutual covenants and promises of the parties hereto, employer and employee covenant and agree as follows:


Employer hereby employs employee as _______(10)________ at the above-mentioned premises, and employee hereby accepts and agrees to such employment. 


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