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China Purchase and Sales Contract / Agreement

This sales and purchase contract is drafted by our China contract lawyer. Although it's free for your use, but we advise you to retain our China contract drafting lawyer's service to draft a more reliable purchase and sales agreement according to your specific situation.







1.1    The seller herewith will sell and the buyer herewith will purchase in accordance with the terms, conditions and specifications and the quality described in this contract (hereinafter called “the Goods”).

1.2    The specification of the goods is provided in Appendix No. 2 hereto


2.1    The seller shall deliver the goods under deliveries conditions CIF destination in accordance with INCOTERMS-2000.
2.2    Loading port: shall be defined in the deliveries Schedule in Appendix 3, or as designated by the Seller.
2.3    Country of Export: As per Delivery Schedule Appendix 3, or as designated by Seller and Country of Import to be designated by the Buyer.
2.4    The named ports of destination: for thirty (30) days prior to the beginning of shipment of each vessel, the Buyer will inform the Seller about port (ports) destination, if different, these being any known major Country Port. If there is a change in destination, this must be done prior to scheduling of the vessel. A second alternative port must be specified for delivery in the event there are problems in getting a ship berth for unloading at the preferred delivery port.


China Sales Contract

This sales contract is drafted by our China contract lawyer. It includes main terms and conditions of a typical sales contract used in China. You are high recommended to contact our China contract drafting lawyer to draft a sales contract according to your specific circumstance.

Contract for Sale of Goods

This Contract for Sale of Goods is made this __ day of _______, 20__ by and between _________, a [STATE OF ORGANIZATION OR RESIDENCE] [CORPORATION/PARTNERSHIP/SOLE PROPRIETORSHIP/RESIDENT], with its principal place of business at [COMPLETE ADDRESS],  (“Seller”) and ___________, a [STATE OF ORGANIZATION OR RESIDENCE] [CORPORATION/PARTNERSHIP/SOLE PROPRIETORSHIP/RESIDENT], with its principal place of business at [COMPLETE ADDRESS] (“Buyer”) for the purchase of the goods described below:

1. Term. This Contract shall begin on __________, 20__, and end upon the last delivery, which shall be shipped, with or without requisition for the balance of goods then unshipped, by___________, 20__, unless the parties agree otherwise. However, if as of such date, Buyer is in arrears on the account, Seller may then cancel this Contract and sue for its damages, including lost profits, offsetting the deposit there against, and further recover its cost of suit including attorney fees.


China Purchase Agreement

This China purchase agreement is drafted by our China contract lawyer. Although it contains basic terms and conditions of purchase agreement used in China, you are advised to retain our China agreement drafting lawyer for a tailored, reliable contract.

1. SERVICES & DELIVERABLES. Seller agrees to provide to Company (or its subsidiaries, if such subsidiaries are designated as the contracting parties in the purchase order) (hereinafter referred to as “Company”) the services ("Services") and/or goods (“Goods”), described in any purchase order, in accordance with these Terms and Conditions ("Agreement"). Upon acceptance of a purchase order, shipment of Goods or commencement of a Service, Seller shall be bound by the provisions of this Agreement, including all provisions set forth on the face of any applicable purchase order, whether Seller acknowledges or otherwise signs this Agreement or the purchase order, unless Seller objects to such terms in writing prior to shipping Goods or commencing Services.

This writing does not constitute a firm offer, and may be revoked at any time prior to acceptance. This Agreement may not be added to, modified, superseded, or otherwise altered, except by writing signed by an authorized COMPANY representative. Any terms or conditions contained in any acknowledgment, invoice, or other communication of Seller, which are inconsistent with the terms and conditions herein, are hereby rejected. To the extent that this Agreement might be treated as an acceptance of Seller’s prior offer, such acceptance is expressly made on condition of assent by Seller to the terms hereof and shipment of the Goods or beginning performance of any Services by Seller shall constitute such assent. COMPANY hereby reserves the right to reschedule any delivery or cancel any purchase order issued at any time prior to shipment of the Goods or prior to commencement of any Services. COMPANY shall not be subject to any charges or other fees as a result of such cancellation.

2. DELIVERY. Time is of the essence. Delivery of Goods and Services shall be made pursuant to the schedule, via the carrier, and to the place specified on the face of the applicable purchase order. COMPANY reserves the right to return, shipping charges collect, all Goods received in advance of the delivery schedule. If no delivery schedule is specified, the order shall be filled promptly and delivery will be made by the most expeditious form of land transportation. If no method of shipment is specified in the purchase order, Seller shall use the least expensive carrier. In the event Seller fails to deliver the Goods or Services within the time specified, COMPANY may, at its option, decline to accept performance and terminate the Agreement or may demand its allocable fair share of Seller’s available Goods and terminate the balance of the Agreement. Seller shall package all items in suitable containers to permit safe transportation and handling. Each delivered container must be labeled and marked to identify contents without opening and all boxes and packages must contain packing sheets listing contents. COMPANY’s purchase order number must appear on all shipping containers, packing sheets, delivery tickets, and bills of lading.


China Arbitration Lawyer

In today's global economy, more and more companies find themselves in disputes that cross geographical borders. These disputes inevitably involve differences in cultures and legal systems, and our China arbitration lawyer in This china law firm's International Arbitration and Dispute Practice helps clients bridge that gap.

Our China lawyer leads the International Arbitration and Dispute Practice. Our lawyers assist corporations in arbitration matters, as well as working with law firms that want to guard against conflicts with their corporate clients.Attorneys at This china law firm serve as arbitrators on leading international panels, with experience representing clients in business and financial disputes around the world.

Legal disputes and their resolutions are often time consuming and costly processes, and despite the towering number of lawsuits in this country, you might be one of many people that avoid courts for those exact reasons. At the same time, however, you might find yourself in an argument that needs to be resolved and calls for legal advice. If that is the case, you might want to contact our law firm.

Arbitration is a method of dispute resolution through a neutral third party, the arbitrator. The arbitrator issues binding decisions, enforceable under state and federal law and there is no need for a trial or the review of a trial court's decisions by the appellate courts..


Mediation and arbitration, in the context of China law, is a form of alternative dispute resolution specifically, a legal alternative to litigation whereby the parties to a dispute agree to submit their respective positions (through agreement or hearing) to a neutral third party (the arbitrator(s) or arbiter(s)) for resolution.


China Lawyer Commitment


Here at This china law firm we believe that all people should have more affordable access to quality legal assistance and information. When you choose to work with our China lawyer, you are getting more than legal representation; you are getting an advocate, a counselor and an assistant. We are dedicated to keeping clients educated and informed throughout the legal process- whatever your issue may be.


On this website, you will find information about the areas of law in which we practice, how to get in touch with us, our education and qualifications, as well as the locations in which we practice law.  In addition to that, you'll find many links to outside websites that may provide you with the tools you need to solve your legal problem without hiring an attorney.  As evidence of the This china law firm commitment to affordable access to legal information, we invite you to come back to our site often and use these links to gain legal knowledge.


The China Bar Association has created a Declaration of an Attorney's Commitment to their clients.  We agree completely with the Declaration and we strictly adhere to the commitment to our clients.


When you are ready to speak to an attorney...

◦Don’t call a mega-law firm and pay outrageous hourly rates.
◦Don’t call a TV lawyer and have your problem farmed out, and your fee split.

Contact This China Law Firm and work personally with a dedicated and respectful attorney.


China Law Firm Value

The lawyers of This china law firm passionately believe that the practice of law is about helping others. We strive to be more than just providers of legal services -- we want to be counselor, consigliere, and partner to our clients as they take on their individual and corporate challenges. As a smaller but rapidly growing law firm, we have an exceptional ability to craft immediate, comprehensive, and customized solutions for our clients, adding value beyond simply drafting documents or reviewing legal requirements. Utterly loyal and absolutely dedicated to our client's interests, we bring to bear our legal acumen, broad professional networks, and considerable experience to attack every problem confronting our clients.

This china law firm offers you what few firms can – localized yet full service legal counsel. Our China lawyer believe that every client, no matter how big or small, should have a full-service law firm. In that capacity, we are able to identify and prevent collateral problems that would go unnoticed by law firms that have a singular focus.  At the same time, we provide responsive, localized service to our clients, many of whom have realized that a full service law firm doesn't have to be a full sized law firm:  we are tireless, yet nimble advocates of our clients' interests.  We take pride in the fact that no day ends without responding to every client call.

Finally, all of the professionals at this China law firm abide by the highest standards of professional ethics. Our backgrounds in public service -- from the White House to war zones -- have imbued us with a dedication and devotion to duty, honor, and country. We don’t want to just be right, we want to do right.


China Law Firm's Principles

This china law firm is committed to offering quality legal services economically. Our China lawyer understand that obtaining superior results and controlling the cost of legal services are often competing priorities for our clients. As a result, we have devoted time and thought to structuring our firm and educating our attorneys so that we achieve our goal of providing the highest quality legal services at the most reasonable cost to the client.

We consider attorney experience, so that our partner-to-associate ratio utilizes proper balance for the most efficient allocation of talent on each file. The partner in charge always remains responsible for all work performed. We also use non-legal personnel to handle tasks that do not require specialized legal knowledge.

We provide our clients with a preliminary analysis at the earliest possible stage to allow informed decisions regarding litigation or possible settlement, and advocate total client involvement at every step in the litigation process.

We follow advances in technology and make efficient use of state-of-the-art computer systems, internet communications, litigation support databases, digital invoicing and on-line research services. This investment in technology allows This china law firm to handle the most complex matters economically, and to keep the lines of communication with clients open.

We prepare to win from the start of each new client matter through careful attention to detail, thorough preparation and aggressive case handling. We evaluate opportunities for settlement early and often, while taking steps to insure each case will be ready for trial, if necessary.

We often recommend Alternative Dispute Resolution, including private and court-sponsored arbitration, mediation and neutral case evaluation as cost-effective means of achieving client goals.

We believe in promoting professionalism and civility in all aspects of our legal representation.


China Lawyer Philosophy

The goal of this china law firm is to provide the best possible representation in civil litigation and transactional matters for all of our clients, and to achieve the specific objectives of the clients, and our China lawyer help clients make crucial legal and financial decisions affecting their business and personal affairs.

We offer common sense legal solutions so that clients can make educated choices, to help solve legal problems expeditiously and cost effectively. Because the legal system is grossly inefficient and often times "not user friendly"  to the average person or small business owner, and because adversaries frequently advance frivolous or unreasonable, counter intuitive positions and claims, and courts make bad decisions and have biases, the firm believes in practicing preventive law, and advises clients accordingly before an issue becomes a potential legal claim.

If litigation is necessary, we try to settle cases as quickly as possible, and exploit and dispose of frivolous claims or defenses for their true nature. If we have to take a case to trial, we conduct discovery, try every case to win, and try to shift costs and attorneys fees to the losing opponent, to the extent permitted by law.

Our China lawyer practice with an ethical approach, and comply with the ethical rules that must be followed by members of the China National Bar and attorneys admitted before the trial and appeal courts. As a professional fiduciary, the firm maintains client funds in separate trust accounts in large financial institutions. We comply with State Bar Rules, and local and state rules of the Court. As officers of the Court, we are civil toward our attorney opponents, and have developed good working relationships with the judges of China. This spirit of professional courtesy and cooperation fosters the expeditious and favorable settlement and resolution of cases that benefits clients everyday.

We are proud to say that we have developed a client base that spans the United States. From Shanghai to Beijing and in many of the 30 provinces, we receive referrals from other law firms and current clients who trust us to litigate and resolve their litigation that has been filed in China Courts. We take pride in our diversified civil practice, with a national client base.

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