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Details of Design Patent Registration China

The design of a product is one of the decisive factors for its market success. It can become an important asset of your company, particularly if it is a best seller. As China design patent attorney, we have extensive in register design patent for international clients. It takes 3-5 months for us to complete the application and get approval certificate.

Here you can order a design protection in China. As qualified China design Patent lawyer, we will file a design patent application in China. Our offer includes the official fees for a application and registration without hidden fees or costs.

A registered design patent in China gives you the exclusive right to use the design for a maximum term of 10 year.

To obtain this right, the entry in an official register is required. With the entry in the official design registry, you will receive the appropriate intellectual property rights for the shape and the design of your product. It protects the shape and colors of the product as shown in the register - from cars to lemon squeezer. The protection covers the design of three-dimensional objects - for example, furniture, cars and toys - as well as the design of two-dimensional objects - such as fabrics, wallpaper. Even logos, graphics or icons can login to design protection.


Setting up a Limited Liability Company in China


For foreign investors, you can set up a wholly foreign owned enterprise in China. This means that the foreign shareholder is the 100% shareholder of the company. The liability of the shareholders can either be limited by shares or the amount of capital contributed. Below we talk about the company with limited liability by capital. As experienced China company lawyer, we provide company registration, company incorporation in China, covering the cities in Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other major cities.

The Limited Liability Company (LLC), is a popular legal format for business owners. It's available in all provinces and cities in China. Small business owners are taking advantage of the LLC because it is easier to set up and maintain than a company limited by shares.


Limited Liability

Like corporations, LLCs provide their members (owners) with protection from personal responsibility for the company's debt. Members are only liable to the extent of their investments in the company. If a customer slips and is injured on company property, a law suit may still bankrupt the business, but it cannot touch the personal assets of the LLC's members. This limited liability, then, is a great advantage over partnerships. In general partnerships, all members are liable for the company's debts and in a limited partnership, at least one member must still be liable.


Shenzhen, China Lawyer Cannot Post Bus Bench Ads


In some areas, city governments and media companies sell space on bus stop benches to commercial advertisers. Using such space is fairly easy; however, you must decide whether the medium will be beneficial to your type of business. While bus bench advertisements are very creative and more affordable than many other mediums, they aren't a good fit for everyone.

The Shenzhen Bar Association first caught the attention of local lawyers this month with an advertisement on a bus bench near the Shenzhen Shekou District Courthouse and also Luohu lawyer's office that exclaimed "Prefer a Shenzhen lawyer!" and offered the business' phone number.

Whenever an attorney comes to me with a question about where to spend his marketing dollars somehow three forms of media that I absolutely despise almost always enter into the discussion.  These three forms of media are: Billboards, Buses and Benches.

Why do I hate these forms of media so much, especially Bus Bench? Below is my argument being a Shenzhen lawyer myself.


Licensing or franchising your brand in China

China licensing lawyer


One of my US lawyer friend asked me a questions regarding franchising law and practice in China. As an experienced franchising lawyer in China, I gave some practical and professional advice to him. Below is a brief summary of our discussion.

Questions he asked:

I represent a US based franchisor who has no franchisees or operations outside of the states.  They have been approached by a company that wishes to act as their "Licensing Agent" in China, where they will license my clients name/logo in China for use with the same business (retail).  The franchisor will offer little or not services to the licensee, nor will it sell them any product. It will have little to no say over what they sell, prices, advertising, etc.  quite simply, all they seem to want is the franchisor's name.  While I understand the dangers of not strictly controlling the franchisor's IP, is there anything else that I am missing?
Please be gentle!


Scam towards China franchise or licensing lawyer

China franchise lawyer


Recently I have received a number of emails purporting to be from a number of different high-ranking individuals based in an overseas company. The company itself is legitimate, and a simple Google search confirms that the people who have supposedly sent me the emails are high-ranking individuals at the company. Moreover, the company appears to be a large and very well-capitalized one. The multiple emails I received are from several different "officers" of the company. Each of the emails looks basically the same, and each one of them originates from a gmail address from one of the supposed officers.

Interestingly, unlike the dozens or hundreds of other scam emails I've received, this one appears to specifically be targeted at franchise attorneys. The initial solicitation that I've received from every one of these alleged officers says something along these lines:

We had a franchise agreement with a company in your area and we would like to retain you to resolve this matter. If you are interested please advise us on your initial retainer fee we shall forward you the agreement for you review.

Scammer Name

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