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Find A Professional Lawyer When You Are In Trouble - Even You Are Lawyer Yourself

My fellow lawyer approached me today and shared a story.

Casual acquaintance of mine bought some meat & cooked it.  The next night she and her son were eating the left overs when she bit down a piece of metal in the chicken.  The piece was small - smaller than a fingernail. Her tooth was chipped and she had to make an emergency dental appt. In her naivete, she contacted well known chicken company.  The  "really nice guy" has been very helpful and sweet.  She sent him the piece of metal per his request. She also gave several statements and answered all questions.  He was very nice. He sent her a letter and told her that they ran it through their metal detector and it triggered the alarm.  IE, Ergo, Therefore, it would have triggered the alarm before it left the hen house and ie, ergo, therefore, the metal must have come from her house especially since she was eating leftovers. As a show of good will and to replace the chicken - he sent her a $100 check. Of course, I have no evidence - nothing to show that the metal was not of the sort to come from her house.  I'm pretty sure they won't give it back. She only wants enough to pay her dental bills (<$1000). Think I can get it for her?  This would be as a favor - in my spare time.

Here is my advice:

It will depend on state law but I would submit that the friend's case, in some states, is stronger than Michelle's and she got paid.

The metal is a foreign body which would not be expected to be present in chicken.

I would not do this case as a favor though -- just me.  I see consumers who have attorney friends try to handle their cases "as a favor" because it is "just a small matter" and "not real law after all" (OK, I read that last part in, ha!)  Time and again, I see attorneys who figured they could handle things -- how hard could it be?  Well, when it is not your area of law, it can be really hard.  So at least get some advice from a local personal injury attorney on this case would be my advice.  I'm sure you probably already are.

As an experience China attorney, I have always been consulted and shared with cases from their daily practice. It is a very good experience. It's interesting and sometimes inspiring.

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