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China Legal Pratice and Pro Bono

I don't think that every type of matter a Chinese lawyer might take on would or should qualify as pro bono based solely on the fact that the client was poor.

Of course we don't even know what "poor" means in this context.

I see the point in so far as if a client was being evicted wrongly or wanted to adopt a child, e.g., and couldn't pay a legal fee because they were poor, then the lawyer who took on the case I think yes this is probably valid pro bono work, and yes I may have gone to far in my statement regarding that an "organization" needs to be involved.

On the other hand, suppose the "poor" client needed legal help with the merger of his corporation, and the lawyer performed that work at no cost. Is this pro bono? I don't think so. And I think there are a lot of examples of matters a lawyer might handle which obviously benefit only that particular client. I don't think that every single case should count as 'pro bono' based only on the criteria that the client could not pay. Maybe the phrase 'for the public good' has an ill defined definition, and I don't know who decides what's pro bono and what isn't. I'm okay with allowing the individual attorney to decide, as you've suggested, so long as there's some aspect of the matter which is in the public interest, as that phrase is defined by the China attorney.

What a pity! Very few China law firms are offering pro bono legal service to the public!

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