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China General Legal Counsel

China Law Firm's Principles and Directives

This china law firm exists to help clients in immigration, probate, real estate and business law matters, as well as other areas, to the fullest extent possible and practicable.

This china law firm would not exist but for its clients – thus, responsiveness to clients and effective advocacy on behalf of  clients are the firm's primary goals.

The focus of our firm is on helping clients solve disputes, not on maximizing profitability or "win/loss" records. Thus, in many instances, we will help clients on matters which most other firms may turn away based solely on financial considerations, or based upon preservation of egotistical "win/loss" records.

We take it upon ourselves to stay abreast of current legal trends and developments, in order to best advance a client's cause.

Recognizing that many of the firm's clients find themselves in distressing situations, we believe in providing clients with a supportive environment to the fullest extent possible.


How do our China lawyer make a difference?

At this china law firm, our China lawyer provide our clients with practical real-world solutions – focused on preserving clients’ assets and rights while achieving their business and personal goals. We serve our foreign clients as China law advisor

Our core values – trust, teamwork and dependability – are not empty words. These words are at the heart of who we are and how we interact with our clients and colleagues.

• We believe in providing each client with personal, senior-level attention and cost-effective service. We accomplish this by maintaining a moderate size and strict client-service standards.
• We believe in efficiency without sacrificing results. We accomplish this through the cost-effective allocation of our people and resources.
• We serve our clients as both business consultants and advisors. We are deal makers (not deal-breakers) – focused on realizing outcomes that achieve our client’s business ambitions and their personal goals.
• We believe in an entrepreneurial and efficient approach to doing business. We run our own firm in an entrepreneurial fashion and use our vast collective experience to help our clients run theirs similarly.


Wuxi Lawyer Adds Value To Clients

Our clients found our Wuxi lawyer in the Wuxi law firm adds value to their business. Our team includes Wuxi employment lawyer, Wuxi divorce lawyer, Wuxi litigation lawyer and Wuxi labor lawyer.

It is a privilege to help you. We believe that. As a result, we are not your stereotypical lawyers – focused on the billable hour or our fees at the end of the day. Instead, our objective is make sure that you receive outstanding legal services from us.  We want you to be completely satisfied with our work and our service.

As a result, we, as a firm, pledge to provide you with additional services that go beyond our specific assignment and that are offered to you free of charge. Our value–added services include:

  • Communications on legal news and other subjects of interest.
  • Free briefings for you or your staff on important legal issues or changes affecting your business at your location.
  • Regular audits and solicitation of feedback on our work and how we can improve our services.
  • Visits to your offices to better understand your needs and your personal goals. We also want to discuss any obstacles you may face and to meet members of your staff.
  • Regular review of how our legal costs can be reasonably related to the value of the matter to you.
  • Internal staff meetings of your Wisler team to insure we are meeting and better yet, exceeding your expectations with respect to our quality of work, responsiveness, communication and accessibility.

China Legal Counsel, China General Counsel

We have a special program to serve as China Legal Counsel or China General Counsel for foreign invested firms in China. As experienced China lawyer, we will make sure your China law compliance and avoid legal risk wherever possible. We also have Shanghai lawyer, Beijing lawyer, Nanjing lawyer, Guangzhou lawyer, Nanjing lawyer and Guangzhou lawyer ready for your service.

Small businesses may benefit from outside General Counsel services such as legal assistance with business contracts, employee matters, and regular day-to-day concerns of the operation by an experienced China business attorney who is familiar with the business as a whole, the future plans for that business, and who has a consistent working relationship with the entity and the principle players.

1. Employee Agreements- The careful drafting of key employee agreements and Independent contractor agreements in the beginning can save the employer numerous problems later on by detailing specific duties, payments, pay dates, and dispute resolution procedures from the onset of the relationship. Other matters, such as non-compete provisions, nondisclosures, milestone expectations, and the protection of company Trade Secrets, can also be explained and detailed in a carefully drafted employee agreement.

2. Employee Handbooks- There are two schools of thought concerning Employee Handbooks. In one camp, there are people who believe that not having an Employee Handbook is desirable because the company does not have to worry about being sued for violating its own employee policies. The other camp believes that a carefully drafted Employee Handbook is crucial to the success of the company through the subsequent reduction in misunderstandings about employer and employee expectations, and company policies, procedures, and governing rules, leading to greater retention of employees and reducing turn-over costs for the organization.


Breach of contract law in China

A breach of contract can reek havoc on the plans, finances and psychological well being of the wronged party. When one party fails to meet their contracted obligation(s), an individual or business may be affected financially and in other ways. When most individuals or groups enter into a contract they expect to honor the terms of that contract. They also expect that the other person (or organization) will do the same. When a breach of contract occurs, the party who has experienced the breach has several legal options at their disposal. Our law firm can help you exercise the most appropriate legal remedy. We have Chongqing lawyer,Hangzhou lawyer,Wuxi lawyer,Qingdao lawyer,Foshan lawyer,Wuhan lawyer and in other cities.

If you believe that you or your company has been the victim of a breach of contract, contact our office today. We will schedule a consultation to determine whether or not your company has the legal standing to receive any of the remedies listed below. If we determine that it does, we will work tirelessly and expertly to bring your case to a satisfactory conclusion.

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