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Shanghai Divorce Lawyer: Things You Should Know When Decide to Divorce

Divorce is death of a marital relationship that is supposed to last a lifetime. For whatever reason -- broken promises, infidelity or poor communication -- some marriages do not work out. When a divorce is contentious, most couples hire an attorney to ensure that assets, child support, alimony and other aspects are handled fairly and equitably. When you decide to divorce in Shanghai, our Shanghai divorce lawyer comes into play.

Grounds for Divorce in Shanghai

Most states allow you to file for divorce based on certain grounds. "Grounds" refer to the reasons for the divorce, and these reasons can vary from state to state. Grounds could include adultery or abuse. Some states will grant a divorce if your spouse has been imprisoned for more than one year. Many states also allow divorces based on irreconcilable differences, which means you and your spouse no longer get along in such a way that the marriage can be maintained. This is often called "no-fault" divorce, meaning no blame is assigned to you or your spouse.

Contested or Uncontested Divorce

A divorce generally takes one of two forms. In a "contested" divorce, the parties do not agree on how to resolve the marital issues, or one person wants the divorce and the other does not. Disputed issues can include alimony, child support, child custody, and how to split the marital assets. If the spouses cannot reach an agreement on these matters, contested divorces are decided by a judge. An "uncontested" divorce means both parties agree to the divorce and have reached a mutual agreement on how to resolve the marital issues without the court's help.

If your divorce is uncontested, meaning you and your spouse have worked out the terms, then it's usually a matter of the lawyer making sure all issues have been addressed. The legal fees are generally lower than a mediated or contested divorce. Here's a general rule of thumb: The more complicated and emotional the divorce, the more expensive it will be, according to several attorneys nationwide. Reddy knows all too well how a cantankerous divorce can drive up costs.

A Shanghai Divorce Lawyer Can Help

The law surrounding divorce and all of its aspects is complicated. Plus, the facts of each case are unique. This article provides a brief, general introduction to the topic. For more detailed, specific information, please contact a divorce lawyer.

Shanghai Divorce Attorneys Knows the Law

Divorce laws are not "one size fits all," and every case is different. China provincial laws vary and a local attorney will know your rights under the legal system in your state. If your divorce is uncontested, an attorney will know whether the terms you've worked out are fair. If your spouse is contesting the divorce, a lawyer will be in a position to meet that challenge and advocate for your best interests in court.

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