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If A equals success, then the formula is: A = X + Y + Z. X is work. Y is play. Z is keep your mouth shut.” Albert Einstein.

“By working faithfully eight hours a day you may eventually get to be boss and work twelve hours a day.” Robert Frost

Our firm helps aspiring business owners turn ideas into viable business opportunities. We accomplish this by seeking on-going relationships with our clients, advising clients on a variety of business formation issues, and routinely helping clients throughout the course of their business. China Law Blog often takes preventive steps on our clients' behalf to ensure their interests are fully protected.

If you are interested in learning how a lawyer from our firm can help you reach your business formation goals, contact our firm to arrange a consultation. At China Law Blog, we give clients honest assessments regarding attorneys' fees. We also offer evening and Saturday hours to accommodate busy schedules.

Advising New Business Owners on Choice of Entity
Our firm advises new and aspiring business owners on the legal, financial, and contractual issues related to starting a business. We advise clients during the process of choosing an entity such as LLC, corporation, S corporation, non-profit, partnership, and LLC. Determining the appropriate entity under which a business should operate will be based on a variety of factors. We ask clients questions such as the following:

l       Who are the owners?
l       Who will be the members and the managers?
l       Who will be the directors?
l       What are the business's liability limits?
l       Where will you be doing business?
l       With whom will you be doing business?

Depending on the entity chosen, we help clients with other legal aspects of business formation including:

l       State Employer Identification Numbers
l       Shareholder agreements
l       Operating agreements
l       By-laws
l       Employment agreements
l       Employee manual
l       Severance agreements
l       Acquiring Commercial Property

If you are interested in buying commercial property for your new business, China Law Blog can help. We offer experienced representation during the process of acquiring land, offering a full range of services before, during, and after closing.

Our firm also advises clients during on-going business operations including business transactions and business succession planning. We also serve as registered agents for businesses.Contact our firm to arrange a consultation to discuss business formation.

China Business Lawyer, China Commercial Lawyer

We are a full-service china law firm. Our China business lawyer is ready to assist businesses, organizations, individuals and families with any legal matter. Our commercial lawyers are committed to personal service and reasonable fees. Our team brings decades of experience to every case we handle. Through hard work, we have built a reputation for excellence that is known throughout China. We are dedicated to maintaining that reputation by standing beside you and striving to get you the results you need.

To speak with one of our experienced business law, civil litigation, employment, construction or criminal law attorneys, email us.
The law office is available to represent individuals and businesses throughout China.

We pride ourselves on the service we provide to our clients. Our lawyers are committed to being available when you need us. We truly take the time to learn about the goals of the businesses and individuals we work with. This way, our clients are assured that the legal strategy we develop is in line with their needs.

Whether we are representing a company, a business, an organization, or an individual, our goal is the same: your success. We know the steps to follow in order to achieve that goal and we are willing to take them. At the law firm, our attorneys are committed to personal service, affordable fees and results you can count on.

We encourage you to contact us to speak with an experienced business law, civil litigation or criminal law.


English Training Center Startup In China

I received many inquiries like"my friend and i would like to open an English training center in Shenzhen, Luohu district. we need the help of an attorney to help us go down the right path and also let us know what we can and cannot do due to laws etc." As a China business lawyer, I have helped a lot of English training or teaching institutions to set up their business in China. I will explain in detail regarding the steps and requirements.

1. You need to have a name for the training center.

2. The size of training center in Shenzhen is required to be more than 300m2. There are also requirement regarding the site of the center. It needs to be a safe place.

3. You need at least five qualified teachers.

4. Initial capital shall be at least US$16,500. These are basic requirements.The money should be deposit into bank account and audited by a qualified public accountant.

5. The time frame is usually 2 months or more.

6. You need to go to the educational authority to get forms.

Different cities have different policies. We recommend you to consult our China business startup lawyers before you take action.


Agreement for Sound Contracting Used in China

This Agreement for Sound Contracting is prepared by our China lawyer. You are not allowed to copy without permission. Please contact our China contract lawyer for more information.



Agreement made this ___ day of ____________, 199__, by and between ______(Sound Company)_____ , (hereinafter referred to as the "Contractor") and _________________ , (hereinafter referred to as the "Buyer") for the purpose of contracting sound reinforcement between the undersigned parties.

1. Contractor hereby agrees to provide all the sound and lighting equipment specified in Exhibit "A", attached hereto and made a part of this Agreement. Contractor warrants that the equipment listed in Exhibit "A" is in good working order and equal to the manufacturer's operating specifications.

2. The Contractor shall have the equipment provided for in Exhibit "A" set up and ready to operated at:

Street: _______________________________________

Phone: _________________

by _______ am/pm ______________,br>

3. Load-in may commence at: ____ am/pm ____________, 199___.

4. Soundcheck may commence at: __ am\pm _________, 199___

5. Showtime is: _____ am/pm _____________, 199___.

6. The Contractor shall operate and leave the equipment set up until: _____ am/pm _____________, 199___ after which the Contractor shall remove all equipment and personnel from the venue by ______ am/pm, ________, 199___.

7. Buyer shall pay to Contractor the amount of $ ______ upon the execution of this agreement as a non-refundable deposit for Contractor's services. At the completion of soundcheck, with Contractor's equipment in place and tested, Buyer shall pay to Contractor, in U.S. currency or certified cashier's check the balance of $ _________.


Hefei Lawyer Attribute Their Success On Their Approach

Our Hefei lawyer in our Hefei law firm enjoyed their success in the past years. Their team includes Hefei divorce lawyer, Hefei employment lawyer, Hefei litigation lawyer and Hefei labor lawyer. They attribute their success to the following factors.

Client Service. Value. Community. Diversity.

These core values are at the heart of who we are and they define our approach to everything we do. From client outreach to community outreach. From answering the phone to answering a complex legal question. From running a firm event to running in a charity road race. These four principles inform who we are as a law firm and who we are as individuals working together to reach our common goals.

Client Service. It begins with our people. Every employee at Hefei law firm is committed to providing clients with professional, unwavering service. Whether we’re answering the phone, researching a case, or advocating in a court of law, each of us is focused on providing excellence. Our goal is to make sure that every firm communication – whether it’s with a file clerk or our managing partner – exceeds our clients’ expectations at every turn.

We do this by making client service a priority. We create mandatory training programs for staff. We value lifelong learning for attorneys to keep our legal skills sharp, and ensure that our knowledge in all industries and practice areas is up-to-the-minute. We work together – across all practice areas – as one firm. We identify the best team and the best resources, and will do whatever it takes to get results. We are experienced, we are motivated, and we adhere to the highest standards of legal excellence.


How to set up foreign owned educational institution in china

I have received my inquiries regarding how to set up a foreign educational institution representative office in China. As a China education lawyer, I would say that China education law has no specific terms over this. However, there are some government regulations governing this area. I promise I will spend more time articulating the different scope of education, procedures, capital, situs, and other requirements later. In particular, I would introduce how to set up a foreign owned kindergarten, a foreign owned primary school and foreign university representative office in China. The following text gives you a general idea how China educational agencies regulating foreign-related educational investment in china.

Regulations of the People’s Republic of China on Chinese-Foreign Cooperation in Running Schools
(Adopted at the 68th Executive Meeting of the State Council on February 19, 2003, promulgated by Decree No. 372 of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China on March 1, 2003, and effective as of September 1, 2003)

Chapter I General Provisions

Article 1 These Regulations are formulated in accordance with the Education Law of the People’s Republic of China, the Vocational Education Law of the People’s Republic of China and the Law of the People’s Republic of China on Promotion of Privately-Run Schools for the purposes of standardizing Chinese-foreign cooperation in running schools, strengthening international exchange and cooperation in the field of education and promoting the development of the educational cause.

Article 2 These Regulations apply to the activities of the cooperation between foreign educational institutions and Chinese educational institutions (hereinafter referred to as Chinese and foreign cooperators in running schools) in establishing educational institutions (hereinafter referred to as Chinese-foreign cooperatively-run schools) within the territory of China to provide education service mainly to Chinese citizens.

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