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If A equals success, then the formula is: A = X + Y + Z. X is work. Y is play. Z is keep your mouth shut.” Albert Einstein.

“By working faithfully eight hours a day you may eventually get to be boss and work twelve hours a day.” Robert Frost

Our firm helps aspiring business owners turn ideas into viable business opportunities. We accomplish this by seeking on-going relationships with our clients, advising clients on a variety of business formation issues, and routinely helping clients throughout the course of their business. China Law Blog often takes preventive steps on our clients' behalf to ensure their interests are fully protected.

If you are interested in learning how a lawyer from our firm can help you reach your business formation goals, contact our firm to arrange a consultation. At China Law Blog, we give clients honest assessments regarding attorneys' fees. We also offer evening and Saturday hours to accommodate busy schedules.

Advising New Business Owners on Choice of Entity
Our firm advises new and aspiring business owners on the legal, financial, and contractual issues related to starting a business. We advise clients during the process of choosing an entity such as LLC, corporation, S corporation, non-profit, partnership, and LLC. Determining the appropriate entity under which a business should operate will be based on a variety of factors. We ask clients questions such as the following:

l       Who are the owners?
l       Who will be the members and the managers?
l       Who will be the directors?
l       What are the business's liability limits?
l       Where will you be doing business?
l       With whom will you be doing business?

Depending on the entity chosen, we help clients with other legal aspects of business formation including:

l       State Employer Identification Numbers
l       Shareholder agreements
l       Operating agreements
l       By-laws
l       Employment agreements
l       Employee manual
l       Severance agreements
l       Acquiring Commercial Property

If you are interested in buying commercial property for your new business, China Law Blog can help. We offer experienced representation during the process of acquiring land, offering a full range of services before, during, and after closing.

Our firm also advises clients during on-going business operations including business transactions and business succession planning. We also serve as registered agents for businesses.Contact our firm to arrange a consultation to discuss business formation.

Brief Introduct to China Business Lawyer's Service

We are a full-service china law firm, ready to assist businesses, organizations, individuals and families with any legal matter. Our lawyers are committed to personal service and reasonable fees. Our team brings decades of experience to every case we handle. Most of our lawyers specialize in foreign related business law, commercial matters, as well as family law cases. Through hard work, we have built a reputation for excellence that is known in China. We are dedicated to maintaining that reputation by standing beside you and striving to get you the results you need.

We are a China based business-focused law practice with consulting lawyers in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.  We are firmly committed to the legal advocacy of business-minded individuals, 'Start-Up' and growth-oriented ventures, as well as the traditional small business model.  From planning and formation, through financings and each stage of business development, including a sale or other disposition of the business enterprise, our attorneys are your long-term business partners in forging winning results through innovation, uncommon legal acumen and common business sense.

Our China business lawyer believes that smart business and legal planning is essential beginning with 'Start-Up"' to secure healthy business growth and long-term success.  Our lawyers' mission is to ensure that our clients are well prepared to operate their businesses from inception in order to avoid common legal pitfalls entrepreneurs encounter when not represented by experienced business lawyers.

Our China commercial attorneys guide clients through the drafting of business plans; choice of entity decision-making; complex corporate and limited liability company ownership structuring arrangements; equity and debt financing transactions; equity compensation arrangements; contract drafting, review and negotiation; business litigation; and certain securities, taxation, intellectual property, real estate and estates matters. Our professionals combine excellent legal skills with good business judgment in order to play an active role in the success of our clients.

Our China business lawyer represents corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, consultants/independent contractors and employees conducting business in a wide spectrum of industries. Our attorneys have served as counsel to business organizations and individuals located in all the major cities in China.

Our China business attorneys do not work Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm; we are accessible and committed to excellent client service no matter the day of the week or the hour of the day.  We truly believe that the success of your business enterprise is our business. Don't hesitate.  Contact us today.

Our dedication to the law is demonstrated by our commitment to sharing our knowledge. Our attorneys have written many articles on a wide range of legal subjects. These articles have been published in a variety of respected legal publications.  Our commitment is not just to the law, but to our community. We believe that it is our responsibility to share our resources in many ways. In addition to the service we provide to our clients, we are members of many community and charitable organizations.


China Purchase and Sales Contract / Agreement

This sales and purchase contract is drafted by our China contract lawyer. Although it's free for your use, but we advise you to retain our China contract drafting lawyer's service to draft a more reliable purchase and sales agreement according to your specific situation.







1.1    The seller herewith will sell and the buyer herewith will purchase in accordance with the terms, conditions and specifications and the quality described in this contract (hereinafter called “the Goods”).

1.2    The specification of the goods is provided in Appendix No. 2 hereto


2.1    The seller shall deliver the goods under deliveries conditions CIF destination in accordance with INCOTERMS-2000.
2.2    Loading port: shall be defined in the deliveries Schedule in Appendix 3, or as designated by the Seller.
2.3    Country of Export: As per Delivery Schedule Appendix 3, or as designated by Seller and Country of Import to be designated by the Buyer.
2.4    The named ports of destination: for thirty (30) days prior to the beginning of shipment of each vessel, the Buyer will inform the Seller about port (ports) destination, if different, these being any known major Country Port. If there is a change in destination, this must be done prior to scheduling of the vessel. A second alternative port must be specified for delivery in the event there are problems in getting a ship berth for unloading at the preferred delivery port.


China Purchase Agreement

This China purchase agreement is drafted by our China contract lawyer. Although it contains basic terms and conditions of purchase agreement used in China, you are advised to retain our China agreement drafting lawyer for a tailored, reliable contract.

1. SERVICES & DELIVERABLES. Seller agrees to provide to Company (or its subsidiaries, if such subsidiaries are designated as the contracting parties in the purchase order) (hereinafter referred to as “Company”) the services ("Services") and/or goods (“Goods”), described in any purchase order, in accordance with these Terms and Conditions ("Agreement"). Upon acceptance of a purchase order, shipment of Goods or commencement of a Service, Seller shall be bound by the provisions of this Agreement, including all provisions set forth on the face of any applicable purchase order, whether Seller acknowledges or otherwise signs this Agreement or the purchase order, unless Seller objects to such terms in writing prior to shipping Goods or commencing Services.

This writing does not constitute a firm offer, and may be revoked at any time prior to acceptance. This Agreement may not be added to, modified, superseded, or otherwise altered, except by writing signed by an authorized COMPANY representative. Any terms or conditions contained in any acknowledgment, invoice, or other communication of Seller, which are inconsistent with the terms and conditions herein, are hereby rejected. To the extent that this Agreement might be treated as an acceptance of Seller’s prior offer, such acceptance is expressly made on condition of assent by Seller to the terms hereof and shipment of the Goods or beginning performance of any Services by Seller shall constitute such assent. COMPANY hereby reserves the right to reschedule any delivery or cancel any purchase order issued at any time prior to shipment of the Goods or prior to commencement of any Services. COMPANY shall not be subject to any charges or other fees as a result of such cancellation.

2. DELIVERY. Time is of the essence. Delivery of Goods and Services shall be made pursuant to the schedule, via the carrier, and to the place specified on the face of the applicable purchase order. COMPANY reserves the right to return, shipping charges collect, all Goods received in advance of the delivery schedule. If no delivery schedule is specified, the order shall be filled promptly and delivery will be made by the most expeditious form of land transportation. If no method of shipment is specified in the purchase order, Seller shall use the least expensive carrier. In the event Seller fails to deliver the Goods or Services within the time specified, COMPANY may, at its option, decline to accept performance and terminate the Agreement or may demand its allocable fair share of Seller’s available Goods and terminate the balance of the Agreement. Seller shall package all items in suitable containers to permit safe transportation and handling. Each delivered container must be labeled and marked to identify contents without opening and all boxes and packages must contain packing sheets listing contents. COMPANY’s purchase order number must appear on all shipping containers, packing sheets, delivery tickets, and bills of lading.


What Our China Lawyer Can Offer To Help You

An accident in the work place, trauma from a serious motor vehicle accident, injury caused by a defective product, complications from a medical procedure.... these can all have a devastating impact on your life and you need a China lawyer to help you. We are a leading law firm in China and we have Shanghai lawyer, Beijing lawyer, Guangzhou lawyer, Tianjin lawyer, Chongqing lawyer, Shenyang lawyer, Qingdao lawyer, Wuhan lawyer and Hangzhou lawyer.

They can cause turmoil, uncertainty, and confusion. However, you can take comfort in the fact that the law allows compensation for damages in many of these situations. Through the work of dedicated, experienced legal counsel, fair compensation can be secured, providing monetary relief during a difficult time. But, what legal counsel should you retain? Serious problems call for serious solutions. A call to our China lawyer may provide the solution you need.

If you needed brain surgery you would go to a brain surgeon, not a family doctor. By the same token, when you have a legal problem, you should be sure that you have an attorney that is experienced in the right field of law. Some lawyers and firms will handle just about any kind of case in order to generate a fee. They may have a "general" law practice, much the same as family doctor may have a "general" medical practice. Certainly, some of those lawyers can do a fine job in many areas of law. But often, their experience in specific areas of law may be limited. When that happens, your case may be compromised, or even jeopardized. At this china law firm we concentrate our practice to limited areas of law. Within those areas we feel confident that we can help you with even the most complicated case. If we cannot handle your case, we will try to refer you to someone who can.

Even worse at times, some firms will represent insurance companies and other business interests in defending personal injury claims, and yet still accept individual injury cases from the claimant or plaintiff's side. It is difficult to serve two masters. At this china law firm our loyalties are undivided. We NEVER represent insurance companies, manufacturers of dangerous products, nor big business interests. We only represent people, just like you.

Our firm is comprised of well-regarded and award-winning attorneys. The staff is battle tested, tried and true, with literally hundreds of years of experience amongst them. While one attorney, and that attorney's staff, is assigned primary responsibility for your case, you have access to all of our attorneys and staff. As they say, two heads are better than one!

We concentrate in all areas of injury law, including accident cases, wrongful death cases, medical malpractice cases, nursing home cases, faulty product cases and pharmaceutical malpractice cases. You can learn more about the areas of law that we handle by reviewing the practice areas listed in the menu area to the left and other highlighted areas throughout this website.

This China law firm handles cases from across the country, associating with local counsel when necessary to get the best result for our clients. We handle cases of almost any size, from small claims to complex, catastrophic injury cases. We are also proud to say that annually we spend thousands of dollars on continuing education so that our attorneys and staff are well acquainted with the latest applications of the law.


China Construction Contract Lawyer

The information in this document is designed to provide an outline that you can follow when formulating business or personal plans.  Due to the variances by many local, city, county and state laws, we recommend that you seek professional legal counseling before entering into any contract or agreement.. MODIFICATION. The parties hereby agree that this document contains the entire agreement


This agreement made this _(1)_ day of ____(2)__________, 19__(3)_, by and between ________(4)___________, of _______(5)____________, herein referred to as "owner", and
__________(6)__________, of _________(7)__________, herein referred to as "contractor". 

Owner and contractor in consideration of the mutual covenants hereinafter set forth agree as follows: 



Contractor shall furnish all labor and materials necessary to construct a ____(8)______, upon the following described property, which owner warrants he owns, free and clear of liens and
encumbrances: ________(9)___________. 



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