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Child custody law in China

China Child Custody Lawyer

This China lawyer blog shares insights on child custody matter. At this china law firm, we regularly update this blog and please come back if you are interested in our legal service or for your information.

Child Custody Attorney in China

Protecting China Families for Close to 10 Years.

Are you facing a complicated custody or visitation issue? Are you fighting with your ex regarding your child's custody? Are you worried about your child's safety, your parental rights, and your ability to see your child? Protect your rights and your children's best interests with help from a knowledgeable China divorce attorney at this china law firm.

Our team understands the law and we are here for you.

Our China lawyer Commitment to You.

There is nothing more important than a child's safety and well-being. At this China Law Firm, our clients are our top priority. We're here to provide the counsel and support you need to reach your goals. We partner with our clients, providing passionate representation for tough family law cases, including those that involve a child's legal and physical custody.


Details of Design Patent Registration China

The design of a product is one of the decisive factors for its market success. It can become an important asset of your company, particularly if it is a best seller. As China design patent attorney, we have extensive in register design patent for international clients. It takes 3-5 months for us to complete the application and get approval certificate.

Here you can order a design protection in China. As qualified China design Patent lawyer, we will file a design patent application in China. Our offer includes the official fees for a application and registration without hidden fees or costs.

A registered design patent in China gives you the exclusive right to use the design for a maximum term of 10 year.

To obtain this right, the entry in an official register is required. With the entry in the official design registry, you will receive the appropriate intellectual property rights for the shape and the design of your product. It protects the shape and colors of the product as shown in the register - from cars to lemon squeezer. The protection covers the design of three-dimensional objects - for example, furniture, cars and toys - as well as the design of two-dimensional objects - such as fabrics, wallpaper. Even logos, graphics or icons can login to design protection.


Setting up a Limited Liability Company in China


For foreign investors, you can set up a wholly foreign owned enterprise in China. This means that the foreign shareholder is the 100% shareholder of the company. The liability of the shareholders can either be limited by shares or the amount of capital contributed. Below we talk about the company with limited liability by capital. As experienced China company lawyer, we provide company registration, company incorporation in China, covering the cities in Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other major cities.

The Limited Liability Company (LLC), is a popular legal format for business owners. It's available in all provinces and cities in China. Small business owners are taking advantage of the LLC because it is easier to set up and maintain than a company limited by shares.


Limited Liability

Like corporations, LLCs provide their members (owners) with protection from personal responsibility for the company's debt. Members are only liable to the extent of their investments in the company. If a customer slips and is injured on company property, a law suit may still bankrupt the business, but it cannot touch the personal assets of the LLC's members. This limited liability, then, is a great advantage over partnerships. In general partnerships, all members are liable for the company's debts and in a limited partnership, at least one member must still be liable.


We are the right China Lawyer deaing with criminal defense who can take good care of your case

This is a very simple statement by a China lawyer, but one that I cannot stress enough as the absolute truth. If you have been charged with any type of crime, immediately seek legal representation. Do not wait to “see how things play out.” Do not believe that you can aggressively represent yourself. Just find a good defense attorney and let them do their job.

How To Find A Good Criminal Defense Attorney

There are specific things you should look for when you are trying to hire a defense attorney. The following tips should help you find the type of representation that you need.

• Look For Specialty Lawyers-
When you have a medical condition, you do not go to any type of doctor. You look for a doctor that specializes in that type of ailment so that you receive the best medical care. The same applies to legal representation. Look for an attorney that handles your specific type of charge, so that you receive the best representation.

• Research Firm- You want to know if the firm, and attorney, that you have selected is qualified to handle your type of case. Read their bios on their website and research the firm on the Internet. See what is out there about them to determine if they are what you need. Many times you can get the type of insight that you need about the attorney, such as their win ratio, from their bios.


Few tips of finding a good China lawyer handling criminal defense

Probably, there is nobody who could understand the significance of having a good China lawyer handling criminal defense matter beside more than the person who is charged with the criminal case and is about to get punished for the offense that he did not commit. This is particularly true if you are faced with a drug crime that you know for yourself that you are really innocent.

Locating a reliable criminal defense attorney might look more difficult as compared to facing the court trial. However, you no longer have to worry because with the help of the best tips for finding the finest  China criminal defense lawyer, you will be given the best resolution to your problem. There are several ways that you can use in order to help you search for the most reliable defense lawyers you can find within your locality. The following are few of the helpful ways you can consider to meet the best defense attorney, who can help you, free yourself from the dispute you are faced upon.


Three tips to find the right China lawyer representing your case

You do not want to have to learn how to find a good China lawyer after you are the subject of a lawsuit. Even if you're the one bringing the case rather than defending it, learning how to find a good lawyer increases your odds of winning at trial and saves you money. Here are a few tips to help you with your search for a competent China attorney.

First: It is not what you know; it is who you know

Trustworthy people usually recommend a more trustworthy China lawyer. With that in mind, ask the people you trust most for a recommendation. Friends, family, and colleagues all make good initial prospects for getting a solid recommendation.

Second: Contact your state licensing authority and Bar Association

If the Bar Association does not have any good leads, maybe Uncle Sam does. Government licensing bodies usually help you determine whether a given lawyer has a disciplinary history or any negative action taken against him or her. Your local Bar Association also helps you determine whether a given attorney's specialty meshes with the type of case you have and whether he or she is board certified.

Third: No substitute for face time

Once you narrow down your list of possibilities to a few China lawyers, set up face-to-face consultations with each. After an hour with each candidate, you have a better idea which of them meshes better with your personality and goals. In large firms, make sure the lawyer you meet is the one that actually works on your case. Finally, watch out for shady practices. If a lawyer does not put his or her fees in writing, that is a red flag.


How do you find a good lawyer in China

There are a few things you need to be aware of when you are looking for an appropriate order to help you deal with your legal problem in China. Lawyers often have specialities, like any other profession and if you can find a China lawyer who has experienced in the type of matter that you were dealing with the likelihood that you will get a good service is much higher than if you simply use a lawyer in a general sense.

Some of the specialities of lawyers can include topic areas such as property law which is usually attributed to lawyers and experts in conveyancing or transfer of property whether at a residential level, at a commercial level, of industrial property, of strata property, of units, of houses or of any other type of property which has a specific set of regulations and rules and processes around the transactions or this type of property.

Another speciality, for example, is criminal law and lawyers who specialise in criminal law will usually only deal with criminal cases and mostly on the defence side of criminal cases because government lawyers generally conduct prosecutions. Another type of speciality is taxation law, because the taxation law is extremely complicated and requires a highly specialised lawyer to accurately interpret and understand the taxation system and the rules and regulations which surround it.

Yet another specialty is family will, lawyers with the speciality only deal with a law-related family which may involve filing divorce papers, conducting divorce settlements, drafting binding financial agreements and advising clients on the implications and effect, seeking parenting orders from the family Court of Australia and any other tasks which are related to China family law. The scope and breadth of all the specialities means it is very difficult for one individual to have all the knowledge which relates to a particular area let alone be copied in a number of areas. For this reason it is often necessary to seek out the advice of a China law specialist in a particular area.

Some of the questions you should always raise with a lawyer include whether or not they have the appropriate expertise to conduct your matter, if they can give you an estimate of costs, how much money they would expect upfront to begin working on the matter, and what the expected outcome of the matter is.  
The issues of competency and costs dominate all of the disputes which lawyers and clients get into when the lawyer client relationship becomes sour.  So if you can screen out these problems before they occur it is always to your advantage.  If you would like to speak with one of our lawyers, we have lawyers available online to chat with you or you can post your legal query to the contact form to the right, or you can post your question to a lawyer in question box below. We would be more than happy to hear from you and our China lawyers truly value their relationships with clients, we pride ourselves on this trait in our lawyers.


Factors to consider when finding a good China divorce lawyer

Anything you do, never visit the Phone Book to choose a potential divorce attorney in China. China lawyers should be selected cautiously. Money dished out for costs for that divorce attorney is definitely an investment later on of the precious children. So, always search the skills and complaint good reputation for potential lawyers carefully.

You will find several readily available places to search for the backdrop of potential lawyers for any divorce. There’s legislation dictionary known as “Martindale-Hubbell” that lists some personal background and physical location of lawyers. This doesn’t however, mean they list complaints. Any lawyer ought to be listed people from the Aba. The Aba may have similarly info.

Lawyers will go with an initial consultation with the parties in case of divorce, but cannot legally represent another party if counsel spoken with any litigant inside your suit. So, make it happen first for that initial consultation especially if a nearby family lawyer is really a known “Shark.” Contact that lawyer immediately!

The best choice for the “shark” of is really a lawyer which has experience coping with installments of divorce. In by doing this, you’ll always have more thorough explanations more options compared to a youthful, unskilled lawyer. Your lawyer is a good listener and will also be a professional lawyer and negotiator that’s proven by experience. They’ll demonstrate the tactical knowledge evidenced through the years. This individual will even exhibit empathy rather than devalue you by acting superior by any means.

Make use of a relationally together with your lawyer and become a customer that keeps charge of your situation. Simultaneously, your lawyer should be one that demonstrates persistence if you don’t know much about divorce law. Sometimes, an attorney might not be appreciated due to a few of the tactics used with regard to the customer. That’s perfectly okay. Counsel will gladly explain why several things must only be achieved if this benefits the household in the long run.

The very best lawyer is a highly experienced divorce attorney in divorce law, but additionally comprehend the tax law, property values and real estate law. Your lawyer should have the ability to determine supporting your children budgets, be knowledgeable about retirement law, and have a friend in forensic accounting.

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